FGN Capital holds a broad portfolio of infrastructures assets and high tech companies. Major venture projects includes Maritime Port Infrastructure, Smart Logistics and Warehousing, Cloud Infrastructure and IoT, Cybersecurity and Renewable Energy

FGN Capital is an international private equity firm that originates and structures investment transactions, invests its own funds and funds of its partners and acts as an active shareholder in portfolio companies.

Established in 2011 by Mr Alexander Khaldey and Grigory Khaldey

Alexander Khaldey was the co-founder, shareholder and chief executive officer of AFI Development PLC, a leading Russia-focused real estate company. In 2007 AFI Development PLC raised US$ 1.4 billion via an IPO on the London Stock Exchange with its shares obtaining a premium listing on LSE’s Main Market and valuation of the company at US$ 7.3 billion. In 2010 Alexander Khaldey sold his shareholding in AFI Development PLC and contributed a portion of the sale proceeds to the investment capital of FGN Capital.

Grigory privately invested in advertising and media market trading, launching projects with major print and televisual media in the early 2000’s.