Our ApproachFGN Capital is an international private equity firm that originates and structures transactions, and acts as an active investor in companies in the Real Estates, Energy and Telecommunications in the Asia, Europe and Russia regions. Our approach is to become a strategic partner for delivering world-class corporate performance.

We apply our knowhow and help businesses navigate in this changing economic climate. We identify viable business concepts and through financial and management support help companies to unlock their hidden potential.

"Our approach is to become a strategic partner for delivering world-class corporate performance"

While FGN's portfolio ventures typically have one to two members of our team dedicated, the entire FGN team is available to help when assistance is required.

FGN chooses the opportunities in which it is able to provide added value through its expertise and network of top-drawer contacts. The contact network we have built assures that FGN-backed projects will have access to the top players needed to reach their target. The Partners and Associates are actively involved and assist in any venture - we go beyond simply holding the purse strings.

Some common activities performed by FGN team include:

  • Developing advanced financing plans including assistance in fund raising
  • Establishment and Running of Management Companies
  • Assist Board and Executives with major strategic decisions and development
  • Resolving Complex Organizational Issues
  • Share the expertise knowledge of its partners
  • Provide Mediation and Brokerage Services
  • Run Due Diligence Processes

FGN leverages its significant base of core expertise to select the companies and markets with the greatest potential. This selection process is accomplished by constantly reviewing and evaluating various technologies, business models and strategies. Importantly, FGN maintains vigilant surveillance over regulatory environments which can differ greatly from country to country and can severely impact business outcomes. FGN invests in businesses at varying levels of development and has been involved in startups, expansion funding, turnaround situations, recapitalizations and buyouts.

FGN is a long term investor that supports its portfolio companies in a variety of ways through creating a comprehensive added value. In addition, FGN professionals have an extensive industry network that spans the globe and is utilized to help invested companies to fill key management positions and find strategic partners.

In summary, FGN is a committed investor that assists its partners to grow, expand and succeed.